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Memorial created 05-19-2006 by
Jackie Masterson
Galen Wayne Masterson
June 9 1991 - November 22 2002

Derek geibe son Of Brenda Dailey Angels Friends of Galen Masterson 06-19-84 to 12-21-04


Joey 1-5-82 to 7-19-03 Parents are Lyndie And Steve S. Glad to have you on Board Joey You have a wonderful Mom who I am so glad to call My friend.


Jakes Senior Picture From His Mom Debbie Zachery


Jake Having fun on the river also sent by his Mom Debbie Zachery. What a wonderful pic . Thank you Debbie for everything.


this is Handsome Angel Rory Nathan his Mom is Serena Nathan o7-31-01 to 09-13-04 what a Darling Serena thank you very much . love Jackie


This is a picture Of Caleb Mom Lynette Thank you Lynette for the Handsome pic of your Angel


This is a picture of Shelly's Daughter Amy 09-20-78 to 09-28-03 She is so Beautiful Shelly Thank you


This A Pic of Terrie"s Handsome son Joey Thank You Terrie For sending it to me . Love Ya Jackie


Baby Cody Austin Hill Mom Jo Hawke Thank you for such A beautiful pic Of Cody , so sorry sweetie


Another beautiful pic of Baby Cody Austin Hill From His Mom Jo .


This is a picture of ricky Lee please visit his site and let his mom know that you care so much for them and the wonderful job she has done on his memories Thank you for sharing him with us. www.geocities.com/rickysmemory 08-21-1977 to 12-1-1997 Mom Joanie what a handsome young man Joanie thank you for the picture


This is a picture Of Shane Hebert 12-03-1977 to 08-27-1997 What a handsome young man Judi thank you for sharing him with us. Love To Shane's Mom Judi


This is Jill Meiresonne such A beautiful lady 01-29-81 to 03-19-01 www.geocities.com/missnjill247/index.html Parents Paul And Laurie Thank you Both very much and I am so sorry for your pain. Jill is so Beautiful.


Tevin michael Kreitz 1-21-85 to 06-22-06 www.geocities.com/tevinsmemory.com very Handsome young man thank you for sharing him with us. love to you both. Mom kim


beautiful pic of Megan Marie Baker 5-3-1985 to 5-12-2006 Car accident Nashville tenn. Parents Mary Lynn and Rodney Bruce Baker Thank you both so very much Love Jackie


Clinton Terry Milam 04-07-1993 to 08-05-2003 Mom Susan www.clinton-milam.virtual-memorials.com Yhank you susan he is a little cutie, I am so sorry sweetie LOve Jackie And Galen


Thank you Gail for the beautiful Picture Of your Angel Kristin. Kristin Jennica Gillis 06-19-1988 to 01-15-2005 Mom Gail www.kristin-gillis.memory-of.com/about.aspx what a beautiful angel You have Gail. love Jackie


May The Force Be With You "LUKE" Lucas Christopher Ross 10-31-1979 To 04-03-2001 acute Bronchopneumonia Age 21 Son Of Robin And Christine Ross Brother and Best friend to Emily Ross visit fly us home @ www.LucasChristopherRoss.net Thank you Christine and Robin for the picture of your Handsome Angel. Love Jackie And Galen


Joshua Hedglin 9-13-1978 to 03-16-1997 www.joshuahedglin.com Mom Monika Hedglin Thank You Monika for the handsome pic of your angel Josh Love to you My Friend


Thank You Deanna for the beautiful Pic of Your Angel Jason . much love to you always Love Jackie And Galen


this a Picture of Donna's handsome Angel Scott Bishop 12-05-84 to 11-01-2002 Thank You Donna for the wonderful pic of your son Love Ya lots Jackie And Galen


This a a beautiful Pic of angel Janaiya Pumate 11-03-2004 to 02-20-2005 Brenda she is a beautiful angel Honey I am so sorry . Thank you for sharing her with us Lots Of love Jackie And Galen


this is A pic Of Lori's Son Steven thank you for letting us share your angel with you . 08-31-1984 to 03-31-2006 My heart goes out to all of galen's angel friends and their parents love Jackie and Family


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