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Memorial created 05-19-2006 by
Jackie Masterson
Galen Wayne Masterson
June 9 1991 - November 22 2002

These awards were sent to me by a very good friend who also lost her son Derek and we share each others pain everyday. please visit Dereks site at www.geocities.com/derek_geibe Thank you my friend


This award was giving to me by My dear friend brenda And Her son Derek Geibe please visit dereks site at the above site and let his Mom know what a wonderful job she has done . thank you My friend Love Jackie And Galen


This award was presented to Galen From Linda and Her Angel Tina . Thank you all so very Much for all the awards . Love to you and Tina always please visit Tina Marie at http://missingtinamariemcquaig.homestead.com/memorial.html


Please visit Hayes at www.hayeskent.com and let his mom Beth know you are thinking of her and her son . Thank you all so very much.


Please vist Kenny's site and let his mom Cathy know just how beautiful it is at http://kennybowenkeogh.memory-of.com or http://memoriesofkenny.homestead.com/index.html


Please vist robbie at his site at http://robbiesmith.com and let his Mom saralyn know you care and how wonderful her site is for Her Precious son Robbie Thank you all very Much. Love Jackie


another beautiful award from saralyn and Her Angel Robbie


This is A pic of Jason Please Visit his site at Http://jasoncdunn.tripod.com This award was presented to Galens Site From Jason's Mom Thank You so very Much


Another Award from Jasons Mom Beautiful. here is another site add. for Jason Please drop in and Let his mom know what a wonderful Job she has done for Jason Http://memoriesofjason.tripod.com


http://jasonsfriends2.tripod.com What a handsome Angel Jason Dunn


Jason Dunn http://www.geocities.com/tcfwyoming/index.html Please let Jasons Mom susie Know that we Love Her and Her Angel Jason


this is an award from Jason's Simmons Mom Ann Please visit Jason's site at www.jason-Simmons.com Thank you Ann for the beautiful award


this is another beautiful award from my dear friend brenda Mom to derek Geibe please visit Derek on the beautiful site his mom has created for him at the above address. Derek Geibe


This is A piture of baby Cody Austin Hill . such an adorable baby Jo thank you for the pic Please visit Cody at http://cody.viabledesign.com Thank You Jo hawke Cody's Mom


This award is from Laurie and her Dad paul thank you so very much for this award. I am Honored please visit Jill at her website and see how Beautiful she is www.geocities.com/missnjill247/index.html thank you Laurie and Paul


please do not remove any awards from this page they belong to galen and it is wrong to take things that aren't yours Thank you very Much the owner of this site.


this Award was giving to us by tiffany's mom Holly. thank you Holly please visit Holly at www.geocities.com/memoriesoftiffany


Another Beautiful award from Tiffany's mom Holly . Thank you Love to you Both Love Jackie And Galen


From brenda and Derek thank you My friend for everything you have done for me. love Ya lots Jackie And Galen


Ambers award thank you so very much Love to you and Your angel always Love Jackie And Galen


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