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Memorial created 05-19-2006 by
Jackie Masterson
Galen Wayne Masterson
June 9 1991 - November 22 2002

Galen wanted to walk to school after he was being bullied by other kids at his bus stop. I agreed to let him and now he is in heaven . Galen was a joy to raise and was a wonderful son. he loved music and playing the violin. he was loved by so many people and he loved helping others . his dad Was teaching him how to weld and I have to say he caught on very well.

I remember the morning when Galen left for school and i told him to go straight to school and don't play around. Well later on that morning I had to get his younger brother ready for school and i was watching the news , when I saw that a child had been killed on the interstate and My heart just dropped . I thought to myself oh my god could it have been him., I told a friend of mine that I had that bad feeling and she said Jackie don't think like that and I told her you just don't understand, So I called the school and they said they would call me back and noone ever did so I was going to call again and We heard a knock at the door and when I looked out the back window towards my house I saw the police car and then my husbands car so I knew that it was him.

Galen was on his way to heaven and our heart was breaking , our son was gone and nothing we could say would ever bring him back.

everyone Galen met loved him so very much he was so very smart and he loved doing flips outside on an old mattress in the back yard and i can remember it scared me to death because it looked like he was going to get hurt but He was good at everything he did and Loved it. we used to walk to the park with him and we would build the biggest leaf pile we could and he would run and jump in it and would have a blast.

i would like to thank those of his friends who loved galen and stuck by him no matter what. Kay kay I want to thank you for the memorial page you had done in the year book after galen was killed .

galen also had many hobbies like skatbording and swimming and fishing and shooting his pelet gun at cans in the river, he was a dead eye shot. Galen will be missed so very much by friends and most of all his family


We will never forget our handsome young man of a son, We love you galen Very much and always will, Fly free my son and you always dreamed you could.


Galens Brothers Aaron and Baby Gavin they miss you very much galen and your memory will always live in their hearts I will make sure of that .


Galen with his kindergarden Buddies who loved him as much as I did. Galen also Lost his very best friend about a month after his accident he was also hit and killed by a car his Name was Micheal dale cook. he is missed and loved By us all


Galen and Mom when galen was about three or four yrs. old


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