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Memorial created 05-19-2006 by
Jackie Masterson
Galen Wayne Masterson
June 9 1991 - November 22 2002

Mom dad Galen And Brother Aaron


Galen's Brothers Aaron And Gavin


Gift from My Nephew Larry He burnt for me


Frontside of the woodburnt pic from Larry


Galen and His Aunt Terri When He was born


Galen's roadside Memorial That Mom and dad made for him


Galen's headstone


Galens Memorial Garden


Galen's Brother Aaron Playing in Dads shaving cream


Galen And His Kindergarden buddies


Dad with Galens brothers Gavin And Aaron On Aarons graduation day


Dad and Galen


Galen's Baby Brother Gavin in dads shaving cream


Galen's in 4th grade


Galens grandpa burnt in wood by my nephew Larry Howell


Nephew Steven , Nephew Shaun,Baby Galen , Nephew Larry and Brother Joshua


Galen brother Joshua , and Mom


Galen, Joshua and Baby Aaron


Joshua , Galen's big Brother 1996


Sister- In- Law Tressa and Baby Galen


New Born Baby Galen On Moms Lap


Baby Galen And Mom Sleeping well


My Handsome Angel Galen's Third grade Pic


Mom, Dad and Galen


Galen and Brother aaron with the easter bunny in 2002


Galen With friends Rickey and Harley Ryan and Dog Lady


Galens Mom and Aunt terri taken at the fair 2006


Galen and friend Harley Ryan


Galen and his K.G. buddy Dwaylon


Galen's Grandpa My dad Jack Wildhaber


Galen's mom and Dad


Galen being Mr. innocent boy


My car Tag in Memory Of Galen


A drawing of Galen


Hand drawn by a lady at my sons School Of galen


Galen's Brother Aaron in the Second grade


Galen's Brother Joshua at their grandpas graveside the yr. Galen was born


A day at the lake with Mom Dad and Galen


Mom and baby galen


proud mom of baby boy Galen


Celeste and Steven and baby Galen


Celeste and Baby galen



Galen's big brother Josh when he was a newborn


Galen's baby brother Gavin


galen's baby brother Gavin wayne


Galen on aunt terri's Deck in Arkansas


Gavin Galen's baby brother kicking back


My Little Cowboy Gavin


Mom and galen


Galen's Mom at the 2006 Tulsa State fair


Bob Stewart and His Wife Jo Rae Galen's new friends on Earth


Galen's Aunt Rusty , his video game buddy


Galens Baby brother and his older Brother aaron


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